Welcome to Episode 9 of A Beautiful Podcast to Fall in Love, TV Guide’s unofficial Bachelor Nation show. This week, former The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise cast member Jacqueline Trumbull and TV Guide associate editor Liam Mathews break down Episode 8 of Colton Underwood‘s season.

This week, Jacqueline and Liam discuss the hometown dates, including Colton’s fixation on getting the women’s fathers’ blessing, which ultimately didn’t matter, and his possibly cynical, possibly meaningless move of telling multiple women he’s falling in love with them; what Jacqueline would have done if she’d gotten a hometown date; and Hannah’s horrendous rapping. They also play a hometown trivia game and try to get to the bottom of Tayshia’s anachronistic Bird Box reference. (How could she have known about the Bird Box challenge six weeks before the movie was on Netflix, hmm?)

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