I am delighted to announce the arrival of the first issue of Hocus Pocus!

I have teamed up with talented illustrator Jordan Collver and writer Rik Worth to create a comic about magic, mystery, science and the paranormal.

The comic allows you to travel back in time and discover the ‘strange but true’ stories of Victorian mind reader Irving Bishop, pioneering paranormal scientist J B Rhine and Alexander, the mysterious man who knows all. Along the way you will discover the secret science of psychic readings, test your extra-sensory perception and meet a talking horse. Entertaining and educational, it is beautifully printed on heavy card. Not only that, but if you are into magic, you can use the comic to perform several mind reading miracles.

Copies are onside from Travelling Man here

If you are a magician you can get a copy from PropDog here

And the magazines website is here.


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