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This is one of Alan’s oldest effects from his painted Mini-Magic period before he moved exclusively to Teak apparatus. At first glance it would appear to be a Die-Box type effect with a Chinese Coin and in fact that is how the routine begins but it progresses into something more.

After the performer has shown the Chinese Coin apparently vanished – and it really does look like it has vanished even if they stare intently into the charming miniature wooden box, the performer apparently messes up because they hear the coin rolling around in the box again. Well luckily this is planned and when the coin is finally shown it is a totally different coin that is produced.

This new coin can be pretty much any coin that fits int the box. I chose a UK 2P in my photos as it contrasts nicely with the silver Chinese coin supplied. With some simple thought you could produce a coin that leads nicely into your next effect, taking all heat off of the box.

This is very finely made with some amazing tolerances given the size of the box. Easy to do with simple reset too. If you spend a little time with your other coin effects I’m sure you will be able to blend this into an even bigger routine.

Effect: A simulated Oriental coin (with traditional centre-hole) is placed in a beautifully designed and finished miniature cabinet and the doors closed. The cabinet is tilted slightly and when one of the doors is opened THE COIN HAS VANISHED.

The usual Die Box routine of door-opening and closing follows until both doors are opened at the same time revealing AN EMPTY CABINET. The doors are reclosed and the magician remarks that the spectators are probably not convinced that the coin has disappeared as it can be heard rolling from side to side; but when the door is opened again and the coin removed, it proves to be a TEN PENCE PIECE!


  • You will receive the miniature cabinet (3 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 1″), of Oriental design and finished in blue, white, and black lacquers,
  • a silver-coloured imitation Oriental coin,

The apparatus comes complete with two Alan Warner Routines.

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